Tim Burton’ fantasy

Pop culture
Tim Burton landscape, fantasy film, Woman centaur character, ultra-detailed face, mysterious, lots of hair, expressive, detailed, colorful, stylized anatomy, [description of the place background], digital art, 3D rendering, unique, award winning, 3D Studio Max, distinct personality, consistent style ::1 3 distorted, simple, low concept, generic personality, creative, expressive, hyperrealistic detail, hyperdetailed, high detail, rich detail, high rendering, 32k, UHD, artstation, ray tracing, cinematic, cinematic lighting, studio lighting, painting, fine art, calibration, 32k, edge lighting, dark lighting, cinematic lighting, beautiful lighting, detailed sharpness, colourful, stylized anatomy, digital art, 3D rendering, unique, award-winning, 3D Studio Max, V - Ray, professional, glibatree style, well-developed concept, distinct personality, consistent style : :3 Distorted, simple, poorly developed concept, generic personality, 32K --ar 2:3 --quality 2 --stylize 750 --v 5