The Pope in Wes Anderson style

The Pope, Utilizing solely pastel blue hues, with a focus on depth of field in the style of Wes Anderson, incorporating eye-catching face masks reminiscent of those from the Eyes Wide Shut film. The scene presents a mix of eerie, peculiar attire within a retro-futuristic laboratory setting, drawing inspiration from 1970s science labs. This fashion-forward editorial features high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton and showcases images captured using an ultra-wide lens on cameras like Canon 10-22, Nikon, ARRI, Sony, and Red. The photographs exhibit exceptional detail and clarity. The lighting mimics Wes Andersons signature style and is skillfully executed, while the color scheme consists of a monochromatic blue palette, evoking a rainy, wet atmosphere. Influences from Japanese, albino, and punk aesthetics are present, and the composition includes binoculars and maintains a sense of realism. The cinematic image is captured using ARRI, Sony, and Canon cameras, delivering a chilling ambiance with sharp, highly detailed visuals ar2:3 --quality 2 --stylize 750 --v 5