Professional Shot

When the viewer looks at the image, he is immediately captured by the striking beauty of the businesswoman. The woman with smile is impeccably dressed in an austere suit that emphasizes her curves and exudes confidence and power. The fabric of the suit is a luxurious blend of wool and silk, with a subtle stripe pattern that adds sophistication to the ensemble. The suit jacket white color and fits perfectly, with a narrow lapel and three buttons that emphasize a woman's slim waist.A woman with an oval-shaped face and pronounced features: straight bushy eyebrows: large dark eyes with long lashes: high cheekbones; full lips. The nose of a woman with a straight profile and narrow nose bridge is well outlined, complementing the symmetry of her oval face. The facial skin is smooth, with a slight tan tint. Makeup is natural, with emphasis on eyes and lips, hair is dark and long, weight 58 kg, height 170 cm, on the background luxury minimalistic villa in natural huge and beautiful sea view . used Fujifilm GFX 100 camera with 45 mm lens, natural sunlight, studio light, 8K, Ultra-HD, Super-Resolution. --no Asian --style raw --v 6