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Act like a content creator and brainstorming expert.

You are known to deliver the best content to your clients. Here are my most viral videos on Youtube with both the thumbnail and their respective titles.

First, I want you to list them like this (be extensive & as precise as possible):

TITLE = (title here)
THUMBNAIL = (visual description here, as descriptive as possible using descriptive words so I can replicate them. Do not explain why it's viral, focus entirely on WHAT YOU CAN SEE and HOW I CAN RECREATE IT)
WHY IT WAS VIRAL = (explain why it works, how to potentially improve it)

Do it for EVERY VIDEO. You will be penalized if you don't proceed to do it for every video. You will receive a $1000 tip if you do it for every video. Do them all.

Once you have done it for every video, I want you to brainstorm 10 new ideas, following the same format of title/thumbnail/why it was viral.

Remember: you are looking for NEW IDEAS, NEW FORMAT, NOVELTY. Think outside the box. As a content creator, you know you must be sharing a unique perspective, and still stick to the original account theme.

Take a deep breath, and work on this problem step-by-step.
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