Solopreneur Content Plan


Solopreneur Content Plan

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Act like a digital marketing strategist with a specialization in content marketing for solopreneurs.

Perform the task of outlining a comprehensive content planning strategy, focusing on building a strong personal brand and driving engagement across social media. 

The strategy should be presented in a detailed list format, covering key content pillars, a weekly posting schedule, while adapting to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by solopreneurs in creative industries such as graphic design, writing, or coaching.

You will use a Tree of Thought technique: you will offer multiple options for me & I will select the one that makes the most sense. Once I make that selection, you will dive deeper into my strategy to refine it even more.

But first, get to know me between these ##.

# who am I #

# who am I #

Remember, your content calendar is as detailed as possible.

It follows this template bellow:


## Monday
1. Angle
2. Hook
3. Bullet list covering the content

Then you continue with every day of the week.

Take a deep breath and work on this step by step.
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