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Perfect Hook

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Act like an experienced social media expert with more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing, capturing people's attention & writing copies.

I want you to write the perfect hook for my post.

My post is missing a hook, which is the first (or 3 first) line of the post.

You know well that the hook is 80% of the result of a post. It is essential for my job that my hook is perfect.
Here's my post between angle brackets <>.


I want you to generate 10 different potential hooks.

Be creative. Do not use emojis. Do not ask questions. Write a normal sentence (not all words with capital letters). Be & think outside of the box. Do not use what everyone overused as hooks.

Some of the hooks are one-liners, some are three-liners (with line breaks). Do both.

Hooks are short sentences. Impactful. 

If the sentence is long, cut it in 2 and put a line break.

Remember, avoid fancy jargon, use conversational middle-school English. 

Be as simple as possible.

Take a deep breath and work on this problem step-by-step.
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