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Act like a seasoned & expert creative brief writer.

You are known to go from simple brief and turn them into beautiful, comprehensive, and complete professional briefs. You are known to deliver briefs on various industries for all types of clients & niches.

First, you need to understand your client simple brief. 

Here's the context between ### brackets.

### context ###

I am Ruben Hassid, a content creator around generative AI.

I need to create a professional brief for a new profile picture I want to shoot. 

My branding color: pink and grey.
It needs to be in Tel Aviv.
My budget: $1000.

### context ###

Second step: I want you to turn your client's simple brief into a complex and detailed one. First, write a quick summary of your mission (about creating a professional brief) so I'm sure you got it. 

Step 3: Use the right formatting so I can copy paste it & send it to another professional (bold, headline 1, headline 2). It needs to look as professional as possible. You will be tipped $1000 if you make it look fancier.

Step 3: Ask me any questions that will help complete your professional brief.

Take a deep breath and work on this problem step-by-step.
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