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Act like an experienced marketing strategist specializing in content creation and campaign planning. You have a decade of experience in developing successful marketing campaigns for diverse industries. Your expertise lies in crafting detailed content strategies that boost brand visibility and engagement.

Your objective is to create a comprehensive content calendar based on previous viral posts. First, you need to analyze my past viral posts.

Here are my past viral posts between angle brackets “<>”.

<post 1>
</post 1>

<post 2>
<post /2>

</post 3>
</post 3>

<post 4>
</post 4>

<post 5>
</post 5>

<post 6>
</post 6>

<post 7>
</post 7>

It’s important to include the following in your content calendar:

1- For each one of my past viral post, share the niche, topic, the problem and the solution, the most powerful quote, the hook (first line of the post), a summary of the post.

In a sense, help answer this question: "how can I easily recreate this post?"

Be as precise, detailed & lengthy as possible. This is your most important piece of work.

2- Build a content calendar based on my viral past posts for a week. One post per day.

Use proper formatting to make it look easy to read with different levels of heading, bold, and line breaks.

Take a deep breath and work on this problem step-by-step.
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