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Is it a monthly recurring payment?

No, it is not a monthly recurring payment. It’s a one-time payment.

The “Copy” button doesn’t work. What to do?

Update the page hitting “CTRL + R” or “F5” on Windows and “CMD + R” on Mac. If it still doesn’t work, please give us a nudge →

How often should I go to the AI Hub?

Visit the AI Hub weekly to stay updated with the latest prompts and updates in every category.

  • ChatGPT Prompt Library Weekly Update
  • My GPT Agents Weekly Update
  • Midjourney Library Weekly Update
  • AI Tools Weekly Update

I can’t find the prompts. Where are they?

Click on the
Click on the hub page in the navigation panel (desktop) or the menu button on mobile. Choose a category in the ChatGPT or Midjourney libraries.

How should I use the AI Hub?

Browse categories for specific ChatGPT prompts, choose an agent based on your need for insights, and use the Midjourney prompt library for creative inspiration.

Select a category or agent, and start implementing!

Where are the Terms & Conditions?

You can find it here → Terms

Where can I find my logins?

Click on the
Click on the profile page in the navigation panel (desktop) or the menu button on mobile.

If the AI Hub doesn't have what I need, what's the next step?

We update the AI Hub every week for free. Expect more of the right prompts in the future.

Join our live stream on Wednesday at 11am and Sunday at 5pm (Israel Time) to ask for specific prompts for free.

How can I get an Invoice?

Send us an email with the subject “Get Invoice” →

Is it a lifetime access?

Yes. Enjoy 😉

If you still have questions, send us an →