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Act like an experienced marketing strategist specializing in content creation and campaign planning. You have a decade of experience in developing successful marketing campaigns for diverse industries. Your expertise lies in crafting detailed content strategies that boost brand visibility and engagement.

Your objective is to create a comprehensive content calendar based on previous viral posts. First, you need to analyze my past viral posts.

Here are my past viral posts between angle brackets “<>”.

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It’s been 1 year since I quit my job so I could take some time out to figure out what was next in my career (and life!). Here’s what’s happened since… 👀
In the last 12 months I…

🛠 Completed a woodworking course and rediscovered my love of painting

👰 Got married to my partner in crime (best decision!)

🎉 Built 90% of a sustainable party hire business (a creative passion project)

💁‍♀️ Started working for myself as a marketing consultant, won my first client and got my first freelance pay check

👯‍♂️ Partnered with _SOUTHSTART to help deliver content via Overnight Success

🤝 Officially joined Will Richards as a co-founder at Overnight Success (and helped us hit the 2000 subscriber milestone!)

💻 Built two websites (and learnt how to use Webflow properly in the process…!)

🎉 Launched Stella Startups with Bridget Cull to help early-stage startups make sense of their marketing

📈 Onboarded our first 5 clients within a matter of a few months (and growing at a rate of knots…!)

🧠 Started working with a psychologist to take ownership and control over my mental health (second best decision to getting married...!)

🚀 Joined the Blackbird Giants cohort as a mentor

🎤 Scored a speaking spot at SXSW Sydney moderating a panel of people I previously just admired from afar

✍ Launched the OS Guest Writer Program so we could finally share the benefits of the Overnight Success platform with other startup superstars!

❤️ Met, worked and made friends with countless (I’m guessing 100+) people from across the startup ecosystem.

After feeling somewhat lost this time last year, right now I’m feeling very at peace* with where I’m at in my career and incredibly grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. And as a bonus, next month I should officially have replaced my previous full-time monthly income, an achievement that felt out of reach when I first went out on my own 🤯 .

The list of people I have to thank for helping me through the ups and downs of the last year is too long to include here, but it goes without saying that none of this would have been possible on my own.

*Some days I still feel a crazy sense of imposter syndrome, but I’m slowly getting better at taking this in my stride!

#reflection #career #founder #mentalhealth

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Income Statement Synonyms

Income Statements don't have a universal look or layout.

That's because management teams have full control over the terms & layout of their financial statements.

Here are the other words that management teams can use when creating their Income Statement:

→Revenue Statement
→Earnings Statement
→Operating Statement
→Statement of Earnings
→Statement of Operations
→Profit and Loss Statement (P&L)

→Top Line
→Gross Sales
→Gross Income

→Goods Cost
→Direct Costs
→Cost of Sales
→Cost of Revenue
→Cost of Products Sold

→Sales Profit
→Gross Margin
→Gross Income
→Gross Earnings

→Operating Costs
→Operating Outgo
→Sales & Marketing
→Business Expenses
→Operational Expenses
→General & Administrative
→Research & Development
→Selling, General, and Administrative Expenses (SG&A)

→Operating Profit
→Business Income
→Operating Margin
→Operating Earnings
→Operating Cash Flow
→Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT)

→Pretax Profit
→Pretax Earnings
→Income Before Tax
→Profit Before Tax (PBT)
→Earnings Before Tax (EBT)
→Operating Profit Before Tax
→Earnings Before Income Taxes (EBIT)

→Direct Tax
→Revenue Tax
→Earnings Tax
→Tax on Income
→Corporate Income Tax
→Fiscal Charge on Income

→Net Profit
→Bottom Line
→Net Earnings
→Profit After Tax (PAT)
→Net Income After Taxes
→Earnings After Tax (EAT)
→Net Income Before Extraordinary Items

→Issued Shares
→Outstanding Stock
→Outstanding Equity
→Basic Shares Outsanding
→Diluted Shares Outstanding
→Outstanding Shares of Stock
→Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding

→Profit Per Share
→Net Income Per Share

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments section below!


P.S. Want to master the basics of accounting (for free)?
I created a 5-day, email-based course that explains the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement in plain English.

Check it out here (It's free) →

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<post 3>
Very excited to welcome our new Chief Commercial Officer Stephen Ballard who joined the team a few weeks ago. Steve came to LD after leading the insane growth at Mikes Hard Lemonade/White Claw over the last 5 years as their SVP of Sales.

I’ve always said that Liquid Death operates far more like a beer/alcohol brand than a traditional non-alc brand. The hilarious way we market, our packaging, our core audience, our retail channel strategy, our usage occassions - all much more similar to beer brands than traditional brands in energy, soda, still/sparkling water, iced tea etc. But rather than beer, our actual liquid is healthy, low sugar, low calorie, and has no age restrictions or marketing limitations.
Let’s go!

</post 3>

<post 4>
This video is a Q&A I did in Vegas after my keynote at the ITC Vegas event, we talked about all things social media content, and social media marketing strategy.

I also answered a bunch of interesting questions such as what's the impact of AI on content creation, is building a personal brand requirement, and much more.
Hope you enjoy!
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<post 5>
A message and a free job search tracker for all those who are searching for jobs right now. Read on for this might be of interest to you 👇

Job search sounds like a complicated maze with days, weeks, and months going into an endless search for the 'RIGHT' job and the hours spent in preparing for it.
It is definitely something that is taxing to say the least and only those who face that pressure, can actually really get it.

Chances are that you might be feeling anxious, jittery, displaced in thought, withdrawn, low on confidence, and what not during this.
My only suggestion to you is - Take it one day at a time.

Trust me as it's tried and tested.

Isolate the job search process as the sole mission of your life and place it as a part of your daily life - not at the core of it.

Your job in this entire situation is to remember to breathe, smile, engage with friends and family, and remain fit and agile.

Just like most problems in life, this too does not come with a manual and you need to figure out what works best for you.

However, here are some pointers which can enable you to take the right decision at the right time:
🎭 List down the top firms you want to apply to and try and connect with people working there. Not a cold sell but a warm connect will help you in building an actual 'connection'.

🎭 Spare some time during the day for your physical and mental conditioning through sports, gym, solving puzzles, reading books or blogs, and connecting with friends and family to ease the pressure.

🎭 Don't jump the gun on the offer that you receive. Marinate over it and then act. Usually the decisions that we make in an impulse, turn out to be sub-optimal in nature.

And to say the least, Rome wasn't built in a day and all great things take time.
Your dream job too is waiting for you (- a toxic environment).
Just hold on to that belief in self and you'll see magic ✨


+ #FREE job search tracker on the latest jobs for you! Now search from thousands of jobs - ALL in ONE place. Compiled a list of the latest jobs across engineering, management, sales, marketing, IT, HR, etc. for YOU👇 (link in the 1st comment). Do fill out the form or share your ID for us to share the job tracker beta link with you.
Maestros making it happen 👇
Darika - Tuhin - Rashmi - Sagar - Paritosh - Success Scholar


Follow Devan Bhalla for your business x brand content (+ Join a community of 8k+ learners here: )
#careers #jobs #mentalhealth #mindset #DBytes
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<post 6>
If you’re looking for a new job, I’ve added 200+ new openings to my job board! 🎉
The roles span Marketing, Product, Design, HR/People Ops, Recruiting/Talent Acquisition, and Sales.

🌎 Based in the US, Europe, or Canada. And a mix of remote, hybrid, and in-office.

Gentle reminder: You don’t need to reach out to me before submitting a job application. My mission is to help folks find opportunities they might’ve otherwise missed, but I don’t have connections at every company listed!
If you’re looking for help with your job search, I highly recommend Teal! I’m helping a few friends land new jobs right now, and the AI Resume Builder & Matching Mode feature have made the job search a whole lot easier. 🙌🏽
One of the hardest things about building your resume is knowing how to effectively articulate your value, experiences, and wins. With the Resume Builder, Teal takes your information and helps you turn your experience into impactful bullet points.

And the Matching Mode feature analyzes your resume's effectiveness against the job description and suggests relevant keywords.

Thank you to the folks at Teal for the free access to Teal+!
Check out Teal:

I dropped the link to my job board in the comments!


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<post 7>
Today's News: What a ride!
After almost 8 years, today is my official last day at Salesforce. It has been incredible to be a small part of that fastest growing enterprise software company in the world.

Since I joined, the revenue has grown 5x, the number of employees has tripled, and the pace of innovation has only accelerated. There is nothing like working at a company which supports some of the greatest brands in the world reach their goals and become customer companies.

Having Salesforce on my business card opened so many doors for me and put me at the table with incredible trailblazing leaders, entrepreneurs and people shaping the future of technology and business. Each day was a masterclass in what was working, and not working, for sales, marketing and customer success organizations all over the globe. Some of those stories were the inspiration for me to write both my books, Growth IQ and The Experience Mindset.
But what I will take away the most, is that it allowed me to see first hand that a strong company culture can foster collaboration, innovation and growth without compromising its values.

My heart is full of all the experiences I had, all the people I met and the most extraordinary team I could have ever asked to be a part of. It has been one of the greatest privileges of my professional career to be part of the Salesforce Ohana.
Now it's time to Blaze my own trail wherever that may lead me. 💙
</post 7>

It’s important to include the following in your content calendar:

1- For each one of my past viral post, share the niche, topic, the problem and the solution, the most powerful quote, the hook (first line of the post), a summary of the post.

In a sense, help answer this question: "how can I easily recreate this post?"
Be as precise, detailed & lengthy as possible. This is your most important piece of work.

2- Build a content calendar based on my viral past posts for a week. One post per day.

Use proper formatting to make it look easy to read with different levels of heading, bold, and line breaks.

Take a deep breath and work on this problem step-by-step.
Click the Copy button to copy the prompt to the clipboard.

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